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Quality and dissemination of information from a drought early warning system in Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Agro-pastoral choice of coping strategies and response to drought in the semi-arid areas of Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Effect of drought early warning system on household food security in Karamoja subregion, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Comparison of extreme weather events and streamflow from drought indices and a hydrological model in River Malaba, Eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Dynamics of Land Use/Cover Trends in Kanungu District, South-western Uganda. Abstract  Copy
The Effect of Land use/cover change on Biomass Stock in Dryland Areas of Eastern Uganda. A case study of Olio Sub-county in Soroti District. Abstract  Copy
Piosphere Syndrome and Rangeland Degradation in Karamoja Sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Landuse/Cover Change Trend in Soroti District Eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Rural Households' Fuelwood Demand Determinants In Dryland Areas of Eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Miti Magazine-Rural Households' Fuelwood Demand Determinants In Dryland Areas of Eastern Uganda ‘Mental drought’ afflicts Uganda’s cattle corridor. Abstract  Copy
Climate risk management information, sources and responses in a pastoral region in East Africa. Abstract  Copy
Miti Magazine-Rainfall trends in the Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Cost Benefit Analysis: a review of its past present and the future. Abstract  Copy
The effect of climate variability and change on forage availability and productivity in Uganda’s cattle corridor: A case study of Karamoja sub-region. Abstract  Copy
The determinants of fuelwood demand: A case of Olio sub-county eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on sustainable animal agriculture for developing countries (SAADC2013). Abstract  Copy
Trees and Livelihoods in Karamoja, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Spatio-temporal dynamics of forage and land cover changes in Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Status of Livestock Water Sources in Karamoja Sub-Region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Key messages on the Process and Submissions in response to the sixth Graduate Research Grants Call. Abstract  Copy
Climate change and agriculture nexus in sub-Saharan Africa: the agonizing reality for smallholder farmers. Abstract  Copy
Drivers of forage availability: An integration of remote sensing and traditional ecological knowledge in Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Piospheric influence on forage species composition and abundance in semi-arid Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Evidence-based opportunities for out-scaling climate-smart agriculture in East Africa. Abstract  Copy
Innovating for Skills Enhancement:The centrality of field attachment programs in Agricultural Sciences in Africa. Abstract  Copy
Assessing the spatio-temporal climate variability in semi-arid Karamoja subregion in north-eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Abundance and diversity of native forage species in pastoral Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Coping with Firewood Scarcity in Soroti District of Eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Role of indigenous knowledge in climate change adaptation: A case study of Teso Sub region Eastern Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Youth participation in agriculture in Uganda: determinants and opportunities for rural transformation. Abstract  Copy
Logit Analysis of Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Famine in Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Thesis: ethno veterinary knowledge in pastoral Karamoja, Northern Uganda, By Jeanne Terese Gradé. Abstract  Copy
Camel forage variety in the Karamoja subregion, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Mapping the Potential for Hay Making in Rangelands: A Methodological Proposition. Abstract  Copy
Contribution of Rangelands to Household Food. Basket and Income in a Pastoral Area in Uganda Abstract  Copy
Determinants of household food security in a rangeland area of Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Choice Options to meet Household Food Security in the Cattle Corridor of Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Meteorological drought occurrence and severity in Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Rural Land Use Change during 1986–2002 in Lijiang, China, Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Data. Abstract  Copy
Socio-economic determinants of pastoralists’ choice of camel production in Karamoja sub-region, Uganda. Abstract  Copy
Tragedy of the Commons and Pastoral Livelihood. Abstract  Copy

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