Reaching out to the Pastoralist on COVID 19

Joint efforts by AfriFood and EuroAfrica Link were carried out in sensitizing pastoralist communities on Covid 19, the target communities were those living in the Manyattas . The activity also involves distribution of Soap bars to the community. The activity date is 27th to 30th April 2020, Kaabong East Subcounty in Kaabong District.

Picture 1: Sensitisation of Manyatta community members on Covid 19, and how to reduce chances of catching.

Picture 2: Hand-washing Sensitisation of Manyatta community members on handwashing practises.

Video 1: Teaching pastoralist community to fight against Covid 19 virus through proper Handwashing steps.

Video 2: Community engagement on how to protect pastorolist community from Covid 19 virus.


Kaabong Youth Media produces the first video of COVID 19 transmission. It looks at How the traditional knowledge can predict the future, how the corona virus can arrive to a community, how traditional practices can be source of ignorance towards fighting the pandemic, how the health officials and Security can be at a risk of contracting the virus, Why quarantine is key in managing the COVID 19… How the other members of the community can somehow be left and community be infected as well. Cultural believes, Socialism, modern health systems etc.

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