Improved farming methods paying off in Manafwa

MANAFWA – Residents in the Elgon District of Manafwa have embarked on improved farming practices in a bid to overcome soil erosion and the rampant landslides that have occasionally hit the district leaving hundreds of acres of gardens swept.

The practices include among others crossword contour ploughing, terraces on hilly areas and constructing proper drainage systems.The improved farming practices according to the residents have reduced the amount of soil lost through fast and heavy running water.

Manafwa district is one of the districts in the Mount Elgon region which is affected by mudslides and soil erosion. This is due to man activities that degrade the environment making it susceptible to the free movement of the soil.

Chunks of grounds have been left bare with little or no green vegetation especially on the steep areas of the Bunana Hills, Namisindwa hill whose top soil has been washed away by the running water due to degradation by communities.This makes the soils easily washed by water during the heavy rainy season and this weakens the grounds which forces the soil to move in form of landslides.


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